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How To Wear Pink Shoes

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Even if we have a wardrobe full of clothes there is always one thing we don’t use because we don’t know what to wear it with. Shoes are a common one, especially if they’re a daring or striking colour such as a pair of pink shoes.
Are you shopping for pink shoes but don’t know how to wear them? Did you just buy a pair and have no idea which of your clothes at home go with them? If this you then read on and find out how to put together an outfit with pink shoes to cap it off!



A safe bet is combining pink shoes with the colour black. Wear black trousers with neutral t-shirt or even a black one, and use the pink shoes to add some life to your dark look. Perfect for shining bright in winter or chilling in summer.


Surely you know by now that jeans go with every type of colour and accessory, and pink shoes are no exception. Whether denim trousers or a denim miniskirt, they’ll go perfectly with your pink sneakers.


A dress with pink shoes is a little less casual than the outfits we’ve already mentioned, so it’s perfect for a night out and be just as comfortable. It’s a great summer look and you’ll be cooler than with a jean/trouser outfit. It doesn’t matter if the dress is smooth, bold, long or short, as long as the colour matches with the shoes.


Perfect for when the sun’s out, pink shoes with a white dress (long or short) is a simple combination that comes across as very colourful and eye-catching.

Other pink accessories

Another great combo with your pink shoes is an accessory of the same colour. Wear them with a handbag, scarf or sunglasses of the same shade, but be careful! Don’t combine too many accessories of the same colour or it’ll be overkill. If you’re daring then a pink coat can give you a striking look that is sure to turn some heads.

I hope this article has been helpful, and will persuade you not to overlook pink shoes on your next shopping trip, now you know how to wear them!

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