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Guide To The Sporty Chic Look

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Sporty and chic are two words that wouldn’t normally go hand in hand. Can you really be chic while in sportswear? Yes, so says the latest trend from the world of fashion. As usual celebs are leading the way, converting to the sporty chic style and proving once and for all that wearing a mix of comfortable and sporty clothes doesn’t mean a loss of any semblance of elegance. Here’s some tips to make sure you can pull off the sporty chic look.


1. First things first 

There are two key factors to take into account when attempting to create a sport chic look. The first is that you need some very elegant or high quality clothes, such as heels. The second is that you have to add somewhere in your outfit a comfortable and sporty garment, like a hoody.

2. Combos

One of the best combos (and easiest to create) is to mix an elegant or very chic dress with trainers. This means you’ll retain all the elegance of the classic look while getting rid of the discomfort of the heels. Perfect for finally having a night out where you don’t end up carrying your heels once the lights go off and you’re heading home.

3. Expand your chic side

You don’t have to limit yourself to dresses. Skirts or stylish trousers are perfect for making a sporty chic look if you add some trainers or a hoody.

4. Expand your sporty side

You also don’t have to limit the sport side of your look to trainers. You can stick on a t-shirt and wear it with sandals or stilettos.

5. Range of use

The sporty chic look is perfect for getting comfy but it can work so many situations. For instance, you throw it in to your office fashion, wear out to the club or hanging out with friends.

6. Accessories 

Lastly, take care with accessories, as they can overdo the sporty side of the outfit. If you feel you look more David Beckham than Victoria, wear a scarf or necklace to top off the look and counterbalance the sports gear.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little guide to pulling off a sporty chic look. This is a really fun one to mash together so get trying different combinations of trainers, dresses, shoes and hoodies!

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