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8 Rules Of Clothes Shopping

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We all need a bit of retail therapy from time to time, and shopping can be a very enjoyable experience if you get what you’re looking for. The problem is that far too many of us leave the house without a plan, list or any form of structure, which usually leads to us coming home empty handed or with some clothes we don’t really want or need. If you want to avoid that happening to you ever again, then take note of these 8 rules for clothes shopping.


1. Buy basic first

Before splashing the cash on that funky bracelet you can only wear a few times a year, get the business end of the trip sorted. Blouses, bras and trousers should be ticked off before the more extravagant items begin to surface.

2. Know what you need

Instead of heading out with no idea what your wardrobe is lacking, check all your drawers and closets so you know what you need and to make sure you don’t come home with something you already have. I’ve been there before!

3. Check other shops

You don’t have to buy from the very first shop. Try out other places to see if there are different styles and maybe even cheaper prices available. You can even reserve the item at the till and then check other stores if you’re worried that someone else will take it while you’re gone.

4. The 3 outfit rule

If you find something that you really love but aren’t sure whether you should buy it, then think of the 3 outfit rule. If you can imagine 3 outfits you would wear the item with then you’ll realise whether you’re going to use it a lot or just abandon it in your ever-growing wardrobe.

5. Avoid similar clothes

Be careful not to buy something that’s pretty much identical to what you’ve already got as inevitably you’ll regret spending the money on it. This can be difficult if you have a very specific taste or favourite colour, but trying something new is never a bad thing.

6. Buy in sales

Most shops have sales at the end of every season, so when these dates are coming up you should get ready to hit the high street and save lots of money.

7. Don’t buy clothes that aren’t your size

It seems fairly obvious but we all do it. If we really like a dress we’ll buy it regardless of whether it’s just too small or large. This will only get used once or twice then left in the closet wasteland.

8. Shop with time

Unless it’s Black Friday then shopping shouldn’t be a race for your life. Leave yourself plenty of time to try on all the clothes you want and feel calm instead of rushed.

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