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5 Signs You’re A Shopping Addict

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Let’s face it, we all love to go shopping. The feeling of trying things on, the decisions, the laughs with your friends. But have you ever wondered if you’re addicted to shopping? We’re all guilty of buying more than we need, but how can you tell if you’re an addict? Check out these warning signs to know if you should reign in your shopping habits.


1. You hide what you’ve bought

You know if your parents find out about yet another piece of clothing you’ve bought they’re going to launch into a never-ending lecture saying things like “you’re just wasting your money” “why don’t you buy something useful” so you’d rather hide what you just bought. If they spot something new and question you about it, just say you’ve had it for a while and maybe you’ll get away with it (especially if it’s dad!).

2- You have lots of brand new clothes

It’s common for you to get ready for a night out and search desperately through your wardrobe only to cry out that you’ve got nothing to wear, but in reality you’ve got hundreds of clothes that you’ve never even worn before! Worst of all is that said wardrobe is ready to burst and doesn’t have room for any new clothes, but you’re going to get some anyway.

3- You want to buy everything in sight

When you go to the mall you have an insatiable desire to buy every cute dress you pass. Then before you know it you’re spending like crazy until you find yourself struggling to walk, held back by the sheer volume of bags you’re clutching onto.

4- Retail really is therapy for you

Shopping brings you happiness that you can’t find anywhere else, and when you don’t know when you’re next trip is going to be you start to feel empty and sad.

5. You’ve got no money for anything else

You spend all your money on clothes and shoes because you can’t control yourself. This means you always have to ask your parents for more money to pay for other things like the gym, your phone or even money for food!
If you tick more than one of these boxes then it’s time to realise you might be a shopping addict.

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