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Only a few things can bring about a sense of pure joy in life. Because I ain’t nowhere near being married or having kids yet, the most simple of pleasures for me comes form the sweet sensation of blagging a bargain when buying new clothes.

From lunchtime browsing, to app hunting on my morning commute, to flipping through Stylist every week in a matter of seconds, I’ve managed to find a few tips and tricks for getting money off the clothes you want. (more…)

Even if we have a wardrobe full of clothes there is always one thing we don’t use because we don’t know what to wear it with. Shoes are a common one, especially if they’re a daring or striking colour such as a pair of pink shoes.
Are you shopping for pink shoes but don’t know how to wear them? Did you just buy a pair and have no idea which of your clothes at home go with them? If this you then read on and find out how to put together an outfit with pink shoes to cap it off! (more…)

We all need a bit of retail therapy from time to time, and shopping can be a very enjoyable experience if you get what you’re looking for. The problem is that far too many of us leave the house without a plan, list or any form of structure, which usually leads to us coming home empty handed or with some clothes we don’t really want or need. If you want to avoid that happening to you ever again, then take note of these 8 rules for clothes shopping. (more…)

Let’s face it, we all love to go shopping. The feeling of trying things on, the decisions, the laughs with your friends. But have you ever wondered if you’re addicted to shopping? We’re all guilty of buying more than we need, but how can you tell if you’re an addict? Check out these warning signs to know if you should reign in your shopping habits. (more…)

Sporty and chic are two words that wouldn’t normally go hand in hand. Can you really be chic while in sportswear? Yes, so says the latest trend from the world of fashion. As usual celebs are leading the way, converting to the sporty chic style and proving once and for all that wearing a mix of comfortable and sporty clothes doesn’t mean a loss of any semblance of elegance. Here’s some tips to make sure you can pull off the sporty chic look. (more…)

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